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  • If the applicant has to fill in an application form, what should they bear in mind?
  • Should applicants send a covering letter?
  • What is the best way to format your CV?
  • Completing a job application form
  • Top 10 CV Tips

Graduate Advice

  • The Gap Year
  • A Gap Year
  • Getting the most out of Job Fairs
  • Still at University


  • How should applicants go about researching the company prior to interview?
  • As an employer or member of an interview panel, what questions should an applicant ask?
  • What is an elevator pitch and what should be included in one?
  • What is your 'killer' interview question and how should the applicant best answer it?
  • How can the applicant make a good impression at interview?

Redundancy Advice

  • Coping with Redundancy

Searching for a Job

  • How should jobseekers short-list employers?
  • How should jobseekers focus their time when looking for a job?
  • Where would you advise people to look for jobs?
  • How should jobseekers decide which career path to follow?
  • Make a plan and be prepared

Starting your new job

  • Why is it important to build a self-development plan into your new job?
  • How should a new start make a good impression on their first day?
  • Your employment contract
  • Your first day
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